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[ #eBooks vs. #Hardback ]

[ #eBooks vs. #Hardback ] So, I'm gonna be absurdly old fashioned, I suppose, but I'm going to put forth some thinking here. While I do appreciate that the eBook exists, I can't help but wonder if 100 years from now (or less) we won't regret being so digital. I mean, think about it... in my library I have books (hardback covers) that are over 50 and even 100 years old. Because these books were made in hardcopy, they've been preserved. In 50 years, how are eBooks from today going to be preserved? Surely technology will have changed, advanced, standards changed. Therefore, you can expect different formats, different ways of viewing eBooks. Will we have to own a device from today to read books from now tomorrow? And if so, do we really think batteries for Kindles, iPads, Nooks and other devices are going to hold up 50 years down the road? Because the batteries will inevitably change as well. I just can't help but wonder if we're going to destroy the preser