Jason Richard Wright, Chapter 5

Joining the army was the best thing Jason Richard Wright ever did, he thought. It removed him far from his mother, feeling frustrated with the way things had turned out between them. And most importantly, it gave him the opportunity to get out some bottled anger.

When he got to Kuwait, he was ready to fight. He was ready to do some damage, to take out his frustrations. His commanding officer was Rupert and he admired him greatly. Rupert didn't have the same problems with shyness that Jason Richard Wright often suffered from. No, he was a very strong and independent individual.

Rupert was always giving Jason Richard Wright all kinds of advice, and he took every blessed word to heart,

"Jason, if you ever want something--take it. You want a coke? Take it. You want a car? Take it. You want a woman? Take her--make her your own."

And with that line of thought, Rupert came to the barracks late one night, "Private, get your clothes on, get your gun and meet me outside."

Jason Richard Wright didn't hesitate, he dressed and grabbed his equipment. He came out of the barracks, still clipping and fastening his equipment about his camouflage, "Sir, what is it?"

"It's high time you learned a few things about life and war, Jason."


"Follow me and keep your mouth shut, private."

"Yes, sir."

The two of them snuck out of the camp and into the night. Jason Richard Wright wasn't sure what village they made their way to, but recognized the young girl in question from earlier in the day. The two of them came upon a small house, looking in the windows. Aside from the girl they counted one father, teenage brother and mother. Rupert turned and spoke softly,

"We'll take out the rest of the family, and then I want you outside keeping watch. If I'm satisfied with your work, Jason, I might even share."

"We're gonna kill the family?"

"No," Rupert started, "It would draw too much attention. I need you keeping an eye on them outside."

Bursting in the front door, Rupert waved his gun in the face of the parents, shouting in their native tongue to put their hands behind their head. Jason Richard Wright, in a fit of adrenaline, struck the teenage boy in the back of the head with the butt of his rifle. Collapsing, the boy was knocked out. Rupert laughed,

"Calm down, Jason."

Jason lead the two parents and daughter outside the house and into the alley, from which the two soldiers had come. Rupert drug the teenage boy out and plopped his unconscious body next to the feet of the parents. Rupert grabbed the girl by her left bicep and began to pull him along with him back to the house, the parents spoke up and began begging to spare the child. As the father stepped forward, warranting a threat, Jason Richard Wright struck him in the face with his rifle. The father fell to the ground, grabbing his bloody face. His wife tried to catch him as he fell, and wept loudly.

"Don't leave them, Jason," Rupert commanded, "I will come back for you."

Jason Richard Wright watched as Rupert drug, then carried the squirming young girl. He estimated that she was probably only fifteen years old. He was thankful she was developed, otherwise it would not have been near as pleasing--if pleasing at all. He waited and listened to the sounds. He could hear the violence of the act, the girl screaming and Rupert shouting out curse words in satisfaction. It was too much to bear, Jason Richard Wright had to see for himself. He made the parents take their shirts off and tied their hands and feet together, after tearing their shirts to work as ropes. He did the same for the passed out teenage boy. After instructing them not to move, or they'd die, he went up to the house and followed the noise around the house.

Through a window, he could see Rupert had full control of the young girl in a bed. He watched for several minutes and was very much enjoying himself. In his mind he agreed, Yes, if you want a girl--take her. He was slowly becoming jealous and impatient, waiting his turn with the young girl. But the more he watched, the less he desired the girl. He thought of how she was already broken in and that she would be dirty, that by the time he had his way with her she would have already become accustomed to the idea and thus the adrenaline would be lost. The element of surprise and shock. And on top of that, she would be tired and exhausted, therefore it would be too easy.

As he pondered these thoughts, he watched in horror as the bedroom door flung open and in entered the father and teenage boy with guns. They were screaming, Rupert cursed and flung himself from the bed hiding behind from the natives. The girl jumped outside the other side of the bed and ran out of the room. Rupert gripped his gun and began to take shots from the behind the bed, Jason Richard Wright ran around the house to the front door. As he reached he saw someone with a gun and he took aim and put anywhere from ten to fifteen bullets into the enemy. The body fell into the light of the open door and he saw that it was just a young child. A boy of about five or six years old. He froze in disbelief. He noted also that the child's gun was actually a small stick.

Rupert came out of the door and looked into Jason Richard Wright's soul, "You had one job, soldier! ONE JOB."

"I tied them up. It must have been the child."

"You tied them up..." Rupert spoke hatefully.

Rupert walked back into the house, Jason Richard Wright followed him. The mother held onto her dead husband, cradling him. Rupert put his gun to the back of her head and pulled the trigger, an eye rolled across the floor and stopped at Jason Richard Wright's boot. Stepping over it, he entered the bedroom.

The girl dropped her teenage brother, who she clung to and ran into the corner at the sight of the two soldiers. Rupert raised his gun and shot the girl.

Finally, there was silence. Jason Richard Wright's ears were ringing.

Looking to Jason Richard Wright, Rupert sighed, "Well, soldier. It's your turn. Have at her."

"But she's dead, Sir."

Rupert just stared.

Jason Richard Wright knew what he had to do. He lowered his gun, took off his belt. Later he would acknowledge that he was surprised how much he liked it.