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What I'm up to and what I'm hoping for

I officially started writing the next book of the Mercedes Masterson series. The new book is currently called Jonah of Olympic. My plan has been to write the first draft from January to end of July. I'm hoping I can get it all done in there, but recognize I may be off by a few weeks based on my experience with the last book. I've written the first four chapters thus far. The length I suspect will be a little longer than Sweet Sixteen Killer was -- as I will have more plot to unravel than the first book. But I always aim for these books to be roughly the same length (short and sweet).  I'm very excited to be back at it again, although the start is proving to be similarly daunting as the last book when I started. Struggling with the beginning and American politics are in dismay. This was the same as when I started the first book, as I did so just before the 2016 presidential election. I released that book just before last year's presidential election. And writing tonight


Just wanted to say Merry Christmas y'all! --

Update on things

Not real sure what this post is about. Just wanted to write a blog post. Didn't like that there was a gap from the last time I made one.  I've launched my book, Sweet Sixteen Killer, as of October 31. You can find it in ebook and paperback formats. I'm super excited about it, and I'm really challenging myself with this launch to do things I'd been too afraid to in the past or whatever.  One challenge was that I ordered 10 copies of the paperback, and have challenged myself to sell them all off locally. So far I've sold off half of them to folks I work with. I'm hoping I can get through them quick, and then do another 10. And if I get more comfortable from there, order 20 at some point and challenge myself to sell those off. It's been a fun challenge, if not anxiety inducing at times.  What have you all been up to? Talk more laters. --

You can pre-order Sweet Sixteen Killer now, release is Halloween!

I've been kinda mum on the blog lately. Not intentionally, just hard at work getting all the finishing touches and publishing nonsense out of the way for Sweet Sixteen Killer. I'm pleased to announce today that you can pre-order my book, Sweet Sixteen Killer, and that I have a cover for you to take a look at. Here's the book cover: It's been 4 years in the making. I started writing Sweet Sixteen Killer right before the 2016 U.S. presidential election, and here I'm releasing it right before the 2020 U.S. presidential election. I'm excited to have it out there for ya'll to get your dirty paws on and read. I'm eager to hear what ya think. I hope you enjoy it as much as I've enjoyed bringning it to life.  --

Update on Sweet Sixteen Killer

Sweet Sixteen Killer is coming along nicely. This week I was able to get through the formatting of the manuscript. I was also able to start the product placements on all the retailers I'll be using, which is the same as we did for Gun last year. I'm also trying doing the paperback at the same time as well, so I've got that in the works too. The only thing really holding me back from publishing right now is having a complete cover. I'm hoping I can snap the last of the images I need within the next week or two. Fingers crossed. Question: Which would you rather buy/own of Sweet Sixteen Killer (the first in a series of books)? Ebook or paperback?

How is everyone doing?

Just sending out a hello. Checking in. How are y'all doing?