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New contribution to Totally Novel on writing, update on Sweet Sixteen Killer

I've been pretty quiet lately on the blog, sorry about that. I've been laying mostly low, though I did recently begin contributing to a new website for writers and readers called Totally Novel. My first contribution for members of the site is a post I titled 3 things that prevented me from writing a novel. To read the post, sign up for a free trial. Take a look around and if you don't wanna stay, don't renew membership. That said, it's a pretty cool effort being put together by a former Google+ member like myself. As a matter of fact there are several members on the site from the old Google+ days. (Side note: there is a free membership option)
I will be contributing to the Totally Novel blog bi-monthly for now. My next addition will be in August. I'm super excited for the site and I hope you can come join us and become a part of the groups, forums, blog, workshops, and more. 
All that said, I haven't given up here. This is still my primary site and blog. 👊

So much going on, so trapped, Pride month

It's a weird feeling to have so much going on in the world, but to still be in such isolation for the most part. Still wearing masks. Still social distancing. 
I'm in no position to say much or add much to what's going on. But what I do wanna say is that we need to get our act together. And yes, Black Lives Matter. It shouldn't have to be said, but so long as we are the nation we are it has to be said.
Pride month As I've been doing for the past few years now, with each new Pride month I give my website a makeover to help show support as an ally. The first year my website got colorful, and bore a logo and banner with the LGBT rainbow flag. This past year it was the trans flag and colors. This year I've given the site makeover in the colors of the bisexual flag. Along with it comes the new logo and banner as well. It had felt so silly to only show support for one month, so I've been trying to do better all year round. Enjoy the new digs and support bi folks. 


James Cowie and the Case of the Midnight Job (short story and opportunity)

Another victim signed up late last Saturday for the I Will Kill you for $5 project. So, of course, I had to oblige. 
First things first, here is the link to download the files for the story (they're available in epub, mobi, and PDF). Take your pick and take it with you. Or take them all, I'm not watching. 

I don't know the gentleman, James Cowie. Not sure how he heard about or stumbled on the project, but what could I do? Kill 'em. That's what. James requested a crime tale, and to be the protagonist. And as I looked at the above selfie he sent me, I knew I had something to work with. I looked around and zoomed in on the photo. The docks. Boats. An older gent with a white beard, classy. I really had something to work with, I felt. And so my creative juices went to work. 
But enough introductory stuff, let's get to the story! I hope you enjoy, James, and everyone else too.

James Cowie and the Case of the Midnight Job
Former homicide detective, James Cowie, sat down in…

Kirsten Little and the heist of the Jade Necklace (short story and opportunity)

Here we go again. Another victim has signed up to be terminated. So I have obliged. 
First things first--here is the sweet, sweet download link (epub, mobi, and pdf formats)

In an interesting turn of events, Kirsten chose "heist" for a genre. That's not one of my options I give when people sign up, but it sounded too fun not to try. She also asked to be the antagonist in the story. One of only two to make the antagonist request, as I recall. I've known Kirsten for a few years now, not sure how many, she's married to a very old friend of mine (and previous victim here). She's a music teacher, and so I tried to sprinkle a lot of music throughout the story. Almost every scene in the story is accented by a vinyl spinning in the background, a boombox playing, a radio, a tape cassette. And if you're wondering why not CDs or Spotify? Because this heist takes place in 1987.
But enough about all that. Let's get to reading. Hope you enjoy the story, and please s…

Elizabeth Hahn and the Accident on Tupper Mountain (short story and opportunity)

Here is order number two for today in the I Will Kill you for $5 project. If you like the stories you read, don't hesitate to join them in the depths of the abyss. I mean, er, order a short story... yeah.
First up, the download link is available here (story is in PDF, epub, and mobi formats). So you can take them wherever you read things: computers, tablets, eReaders, phones, refrigerators. I won't judge. Harshly. It is also available below in this post.

Above is the real-deal Elizabeth Hahn, or so the Internet has told me. I first met Elizabeth on Google+ somehow, I can't recall how, maybe she can remind me in the comments. She turned into one of my few and lovely beta readers for my first book Sweet Sixteen Killer -- which she has been waiting for me to publish very patiently since reading the early version. When setting up her order, this was her answer regarding the genre, "SciFi, campy SciFi, Old school mystery a la Agatha Christie or Sir Arthur Conan Doyle." …

Cass Morrison and the Package from Saron (short story and opportunity)

I've reactivated my Fiverr gig, the I Will Kill you for $5 project. And two victims were eager to join us at the slaughter. I mean... I have two new customers. That also means my lucky readers have two new short stories incoming to read. 
First things up first... the download link is here (the story is available in PDF, epub, and mobi). Take it where you want to read; computer, phone, eReader, tablet, etc. Otherwise, you can scroll down and read it directly in this blog post as well.

The above image is of the real Cass Morrison and her pup, Bennie. She had made a jest about possibly including Bennie in the space opera she had asked me to write, and well, I couldn't resist playing with that idea. Cass and Bennie are both present in the story. I've worked with Cass (and others) on a daily check-in we do on, and she is a wonderful person. It was exciting to get her order. 
But, no more fluff, let's get to the good stuff. Enjoy the reading, and sound off in the c…